The foundation for the Anniston Museum of Natural History was established in 1930, when H. Severn Regar gifted his stunning collection of biological specimens and historical artifacts to the City of Anniston. This collection contains the Werner Ornithological Collection of approximately 1000 birds, nests, and egg clutches, mounted in lifelike habitat settings. The dioramas are among the oldest in the United States and include several endangered and extinct species. To house this phenomenal collection, the City of Anniston established the Regar Museum.

The dream of local philanthropist, John B. Lagarde, came true in 1976, when Anniston accepted donations of African species from Lagarde and several others. Anniston combined this African collection with the Regar-Werner Collection and opened the Anniston Museum of Natural History at its current location. Our Environments of Africa exhibit hall displays species from all over the African continent and is truly breathtaking. 

Over the past four decades, the Anniston Museum of Natural History has become a jewel of the region. Our collections have grown to include groundbreaking fossils, thousands of minerals from all over the world, a herbarium collection consisting of over 22,000 specimens, and an extensive, award-winning marine collection. Our collection also include a diverse anthropological collection, featuring artifacts from Native American Nations, African and South African tribes, and Egypt’s ancient past. 

The Anniston Museum of Natural History continues to be committed to preserving the world around us through education and research.