Live Animal Presentations

Add a 45-minute live animal presentation to a group’s visit! $125 (deposit required) per group, per presentation. Presentation is limited to 180 people. Choose from these exciting topics:

Wild Alabama/Wild South*

Learn about the awesome diversity of animals that are native to the south.

Program animals: tortoise, snakes, owl, alligator

Reptiles Alive*

Call these cold-blooded creatures slimy or scaly, but these animals have been around for millions of years and still have a few tricks up their scales! Learn what makes these reptiles so unique and important to the world we live in.

Program animals: snakes, tortoise, lizards, alligator

Spots and Stripes*

Explore the world of animals with awesome adaptations and survival skills.

Program animals: hedgehog, chinchilla, snakes, owls, alligator

Bump in the Night*

Whooo’s afraid of the dark? Discover the critters that come out at night and learn about their special skill sets.

Program animals:  owl, chinchilla, hedgehog, cockroaches, snake

Oh the Places*

Travel the world with this live animal presentation and learn about the variety of habitats designed perfectly for the animal kingdom.

Program animals: chinchilla, cockroaches, hedgehog, snake, lizard

*Program animals are subject to change. Contact Aimee Grey, Education Director at 256-237-6766 x 421 or email