Nature Trail

The Nature Trail, approximately ¾ of a mile long, was named in honor of Mrs. Eugenia G. Brannon in 1985. It has two major loops. The top loop begins on a flat ridge between the Outdoor Tree House and adjacent museum. The trail traverses an oak-dominated forest with scattered hickories and pines. The soils are relatively dry and the plants that grow here are adapted to these conditions. The bottom loop begins at the Museum Drive crosswalk (where it connects to the upper loop) halfway up the trail hill toward the museum. Beyond the road lies a low, moist woods situated on the floodplain of an intermittent stream (one that frequently dries completely). It is a lowland forest dominated by tulip-poplar, sweetgum, and red maple. Moisture loving plants such as ferns are very common. The composition of plants of the bottomland forest are much different from the species found on the dry ridge of the upper trail.