Garden Gem – Camellia hybrid ‘Bright Eyes’

Camellias are a necessity in Alabama landscapes for achieving winter color. Nothing adds brightness to a winter day like a bodacious bloom of a camellia. Camellias are evergreen shrubs suited for a variety of landscape uses including hedges, foundation plantings, masses, and focal points. With thousands of cultivars available, the selection can be overwhelming.  ‘Bright Eyes’ is a hybrid seedling from Camellia pittardii, a species rarely seen in cultivations outside of botanical collections. This compact, slower growing selection grows to 6-8 ft and blooms early to late season. The color is a vibrant pink with a conspicuous center of yellow stamen giving the eye moniker. The 3-inch blooms can linger into early spring, really giving a long show of color. This beautiful flower will be available for purchase at the LBG plant sale!

Hayes Jackson

LBG Director