Inside the Exhibit: “From Arusha to Zulu: Celebrating Africa’s Natural Resources”

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is my motto when writing, designing, and fabricating an exhibit. When it came time to take down the temporary exhibition Live Salty: From Shore to Ocean Floor, the makings of From Arusha to Zulu: Celebrating Africa’s Natural Resources were well under way. With a diverse collection of species and artifacts, determining what to display next was no easy task. After reviewing the collection, we all agreed that the next exhibit would be African artifacts. It was then that the staff had to determine how to tell the artifacts’ stories. While viewing the latest temporary exhibit, pay close attention to which region of the African continent you’re reading
about. The surrounding cases will showcase artifacts from our collection that were created in that region by the people who call that area home. Look closely at the detail of each artifact. Notice the facial scarring on the Ancestral Couple, the daintiness of the Turkana dolls, and the detail used when forging the Rite of Passage “Lion Killing Spear”. These artifacts were hand-crafted by Africans many years ago and we are proud to present them to our guests in an organized and artistic fashion.

From Arusha to Zulu: Celebrating Africa’s Natural Resources opened to the public on Friday, February 8, 2019.This temporary exhibit will be on display in the Changing Exhibit Gallery until August, 2019.

Article by Sarah Burke, Education Director