Meet Cecilia

The Anniston Museums and Gardens is pleased to announce Cecilia Davis as our new Educational Interpreter. Cecilia can be found in the Live Animal Building providing care to our live animal ambassadors, creating and implementing educational programming, and once tour season returns – leading tours!

Get to know Cecilia a little bit more in this fun Q&A:

Q1: What did you know about Anniston Museums and Gardens prior to employment?

I had not visited before employment, but I heard from word of mouth from a lot of locals that it was very nice and educational.

Q2: What are you looking forward to most about working here?

I’m looking forward to learning about my new home in Alabama, gaining more experience hands-on with animals, and being able to educate the public on native wildlife.

Q3: New home in AL… Where are you from originally?

I’m from Stockbridge, Georgia, which is just south of Atlanta. I attended undergraduate school in north Georgia and found my way to Anniston from graduate school at Jacksonville State University.

Q3: Favorite animal and why?

I like cats! Because we are very similar: we like naps and food. I have two older cats who both very much enjoy cuddling.

Q4: What is your favorite exhibit at AMNH and why?

Environments of Africa, because it’s very exotic and pretty cool to see how different our world can seem so far away.