Promotions and New Faces – Dawn Canterbury

Meet the newest team member at Anniston Museums and Gardens – Dawn Canterbury. She is the Anniston Museum of Natural History’s Educational Interpreter! You will be seeing her at monthly Saturday Alive! programs, tours, and all around the museum!

Q1: What did you know about Anniston Museums and Gardens prior to employment?

I had gone through both AMNH and the Berman a few times prior to employment. I also worked programs like HerpFest and Fall Fest at AMNH with the JSU Herp LAB.

Q2: What are you looking forward to most about working here?

Gaining education experience! I have done programs and I know how to do them well, but I want to get even better. (Plus, playing with cool animals every day. 😊 )

Q3: Favorite animal and why?

Tiger sharks, because they’re fascinating animals. I’ve always had an infatuation with the ocean and that’s just the animal I latched on to.

Q4: What is your favorite exhibit at AMNH and why?

The Alabama: Sand to Cedars exhibit. Programs and exhibits that involve natives are always my favorite because it is more applicable to daily life than an exotic exhibit. It is also visually appealing and flows nicely.