Retirement of Mr. David Ford

Retirement is an achievement to honor and celebrate. It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Anniston Museums and Gardens’ Assistant Director Mr. David Ford.

For those familiar with the Berman Museum, you are most likely familiar with David. He has had many career paths in life – broadcasting, news reporter, press secretary, humane society director, and his latest journey at the Berman Museum. David has served the museums for thirteen years. He had the honor of meeting Farley and Germaine Berman and learned first-hand about their collection and passion for history and art. When first hired, David was the Business Office Manager, responsible for managing the museums’ budgets and fundraising events. Later in his museum career, David was appointed as the interim Director from 2014-2015 and now retires as the Assistant Director. With this position, David took on the additional responsibilities of internal human resources and development projects of the museums.

Throughout it all, he has always shared his love for the Bermans and their collection to anyone that entered the Berman Museum’s doors. David guided many students, parents, teachers, seniors, and families through the Berman Museum galleries, captivating them with the collection and how it fit in world history.

It has been a great honor to have David at the Anniston Museums and Gardens. We, the staff, thank David for his patience, support, advice, and leadership. We wish him the best in retirement and will welcome him back anytime he wishes to give another tour of the Berman Museum.