Thank you, Gina!

After twenty-five years of service, the Anniston Museums and Gardens announces the retirement of Gina Morey as Programs Manager.

In 1995, the Anniston Museum of Natural History received funding to support a museum educator to visit all of Calhoun County’s 7th grade classrooms. It was at this time, the museum hired Gina as a 7th Grade Outreach Teacher. Gina was no stranger to middle schoolers, having previously spent her time teaching science in 7th grade classrooms. Gina’s new role at the Anniston Museum allowed her to become the special guest, bringing artifacts and specimens to enhance our county’s geology lessons. It wasn’t only artifacts or preserved specimens in her hands; often times she would visit with a large iguana, boa, and other live animals as she shared the museum’s mission.

From there, Gina moved into a management role in the Education Department. She created and executed countless memorable programs, led exciting tours, and brainstormed new exhibits. She assisted with marketing the museums and supervised rentals throughout the facilities. Years after being in the classroom, when asked to speak or present to the public, her “teacher voice” could be heard far and wide as she addressed the group with her kind, authoritative voice. Gina also served as the Anniston Museums and Gardens’ Volunteer Coordinator, responsible for scheduling adults and youths into the docent program, live animal building, green team, and collections’ department.

Throughout her career, Gina’s talents and dedication have stood out to fellow staff members and the public. If you have been to any museum function, be it program, festival, or fundraiser in the last 20 years, Gina has had a hand in making the event both beautiful and successful.

We thank you, Gina, for providing our community with memorable museum experiences and an appreciation of the historical and natural world. Happy Retirement!