“The Forgotten War”

The Berman Museum’s mission statement reads: Use history to engage, educate, and excite. “The Forgotten War” achieves this. It engages museum guests by putting them in front of uniforms and medical equipment used in the Korean War. It educates museum guests by verbally and visually setting the scene of the Korean War. It excites museum guests by rejuvenating an appreciation for the men and women that sacrifice everything they have so we can live in a free country.

We created “The Forgotten War” to shine a light on the Korean War and those that fought in it, because to them and their families, it was anything but forgotten.

As with every exhibit, we hosted a members’ exclusive sneak peek for “The Forgotten War”. For this opening, we wanted to do something special and honor the brave Korean War veterans from our area. In attendance were Charles Stowe, Bill Gunnels, and Larry Kallus. We also honored two Korean War veterans that were unable to join us, Roy Sheffield and Mario Rodriguez. This added an element to the night that our staff will never forget.

“The Forgotten War” is open to the public now through April 16, 2020.