Updating “Pearl Harbor”

The updated exhibit focuses on the personal stories of local soldiers who fought during the attack. The loss of the USS Arizona came to symbolize the destruction the Japanese surprise attack leveled to Pearl Harbor. Tragically, 1,177 men were lost in the sinking, 33 of which were from Alabama, two being from Calhoun County – 24-year-old Seaman 2nd Class W. Francis Roberts, of Oxford, and 18-year-old Seaman 2nd Class Frank W. Hindman, of Piedmont.

Not all victims of the attacks were physically at Pearl Harbor. Seaman 2nd Class George W. Ingram of Eastaboga was one of the first casualties, killed at
Kaneohe Naval Air Station. Ingram was among the first to rush into action, and was later commended by Admiral Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. Appropriately, in 1943, an American destroyer was
named in his honor.

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