Anniston Museums and Gardens education department works hard to create fun, educational, and inspiring programs, outreaches, and tours for students of all ages.

Teachers, we love supporting students and encouraging research and exploration. For history and nature inquiries, students may email Our education department will review the questions and answer to the best of our ability.

Explore Your World through the wonder of history and nature!

Please review the information below to ensure your field trip is as fun and educational as possible. For questions, call the museum or email the Education Director at

  • Bus parking is located in the additional parking lot across from the museums. Buses are welcome to drop students and teachers off at the museum front doors or Learning Lodge and exit via the bus lane.
  • Group leaders and those purchasing museum admission, please check-in at the Visitor Services desk located in the lobby. The receptionist will confirm group numbers and accept payment. The receptionist will contact a museum educator to discuss field trip details with you.
  • Restrooms are located to the left of the foyer when entering the Anniston Museum of Natural History (AMNH).
  • Restrooms are located to the right when entering the Berman Museum.
  • Restrooms are located to the back, left of the lobby in the Longleaf Botanical Gardens (LBG).
  • Flash photography and video are allowed in the Exhibit Halls for personal use only.
  • Photography is not allowed in the Collections Department.
  • Students must stay with their adult chaperones at all times.
  • No tobacco products or vaping in AM&G buildings.
  • No food, drink, or gum allowed in the Exhibit Halls.
  • Please use an inside voice and walk throughout the Exhibit Halls.
  • Hands-on items are identified with a sticker throughout the Exhibit Halls. NatureSpace is the AMNH’s children’s hands-on discovery room.
  • There are permanent Exhibit Hall maps throughout the AMNH Exhibit Halls.
  • Berman Museum has stairs and an elevator to tour the top floor Exhibit Halls.
  • The Courtyard Garden and Koi Pond is located through the Conservatory at AMNH.
  • The Bird of Prey Trail is located out the AMNH front door to the right.
  • Please use a low voice when walking the Bird of Prey Trail so as not to disturb our permanent resident hawks and owls. For everyone’s safety, do not climb or put fingers or objects in the enclosure. Raptors have sharp talons and beaks.
  • Picnic tables are located at the AMNH, Berman, and LBG. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Educational Travel Trunks are based on the Alabama State Course of Study for science and history. Trunk objects enhance the “scientific skills/process and application” objectives. Other fun, educational COS objectives, relating to content knowledge, are included in each trunk and are designed to enhance your curriculum. Trunks may be checked out for two weeks at no charge.

Courtesy of the Calhoun County Commissioner’s Office, Anniston Museum of Natural History is pleased to offer a free Third Grade Outreach program for Calhoun County schools designed to enhance the State of Alabama science curriculum. Each year, there are two topics developed around the curriculum.

Each presentation is 40 minutes and is available year round. Upon the museum’s first visit, the educator will provide teachers with free passes to visit Anniston Museum of Natural History. During the second visit, teachers will receive Free Passes to visit Berman Museum. Teachers may hold passes to apply to a self-guided tour for their class or distribute the passes to their students to visit on their own. Third Grade Outreach programs are first-come, first-serve basis. Programs are designed for one to two classes.

Educators, are you looking for an educational outlet for your students, but aren’t able to schedule a field trip at this time? We are happy to bring Anniston Museums and Gardens to your school. With experienced museum professionals and the support of our amazing collection and animal ambassadors, we are able to tailor a unique AM&G experience for your students.

Explore the Natural World

We offer natural history presentations designed to fulfill curriculum requirements, entertain, and excite students about science. The museum’s education team includes seasoned presenters and a variety of fun topics to learn about. Each program is designed to reach all learners in the group. Many programs allow for student participation and interactions and include the support of our live animal ambassadors. Presentations are 45 minutes and allow time for questions.

Anniston Museum of Natural History Outreach Topics:

    • Habitats and Adaptations
    • Reptiles
    • Native Animals
    • Dinosaurs
    • Ancient Egypt

Take a Walk through History

Travel in time and discover the wonders of the world with a presentation featuring Berman Museum collection items. Each presentation is designed to enhance classroom curriculum and spark interest in world history and art and may be tailored to all members of the audience. Presentations are 45 minutes and allow time for questions.

Berman Museum Outreach Topics:

    • Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny
    • American Civil War
    • WWI Warfront or Home-front
    • WWII Warfront or Home-front
    • Asian Art (select: Chinese/Japanese/Indian)
    • Espionage


    • Spies Like Us (up to 50 people): $175 + Mileage* 
    • Groups up to 100 People: $150 + Mileage* 
    • Groups 100-199 People: $200 + Mileage* 
    • Groups 200+ People: $250 + Mileage*

* Standard Mileage Rates (IRS) outside of Calhoun County

Educational outreaches are limited to a 60-mile radius from AM&G and are subject to availability. We require a two-week notice for scheduling outreaches. Educational outreaches are available Monday – Friday during regular business hours.

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Aimee Grey
Education Director
256-237-6766 x 421