Marketing Outreach

Hosting a festival or event? Let the Anniston Museums and Gardens come to you! Marketing Outreach requests can be sent to museummarketing@annistonal.gov for review.

Educational Outreach

Are you looking for an educational outlet for your school, church, or civic group? We are happy to bring Anniston Museums and Gardens to you. These are also great additions to summer camps, scout groups, etc… With experienced museum professionals and the support of our amazing collection and animal ambassadors, we are able to tailor a unique AM&G experience for your students. Contact the Education Director amageducation@annistonal.gov or 256-237-6766 x 421 to schedule your educational outreach today!

We offer natural history presentations designed to fulfill curriculum requirements, entertain, and excite students about science. The museum’s education team includes seasoned presenters and a variety of fun topics to learn about. Each program is designed to reach all learners in the group. Many programs allow for audience participation and interactions and include the support of our live animal ambassadors. Presentations are 45 minutes and allow time for questions.

Anniston Museum of Natural History Outreach Topics:

  • Habitats and Adaptations
  • Reptiles
  • Native Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Ancient Egypt

Travel in time and discover the wonders of the world with a presentation featuring Berman Museum collection items. Each presentation is designed to enhance classroom curriculum and spark interest in world history and art, and may be tailored to all members of the audience. Presentations are 45 minutes and allow time for questions.

Berman Museum Outreach Topics:

  • Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny
  • American Civil War
  • WWI Warfront or Home-front
  • WWII Warfront or Home-front
  • Asian Art (select: Chinese/Japanese/Indian)
  • Espionage

Cost: Groups up to 100 People: $150 + Mileage
Groups 101-199 People: $200 + Mileage
Groups 200+ People: $250 + Mileage

Educational outreaches are limited to a 60-mile radius from AM&G and are subject to availability. We require a two-week notice for scheduling outreaches. Educational outreaches are available Monday – Friday during regular business hours. To schedule an outreach, contact the Education Director amageducation@annistonal.gov or 256-237-6766 x 421.

Half and Full Day Outreaches

In this unique offering, a museum educator will come to a school, church group, or civic group and spend either a half-day or full day presenting live animals to small successive groups. (Educator will present to small groups on a rotation, as opposed to one large presentation for everyone at one time. This gives students/groups a more personal experience).

Cost: Half-day (4 hours) is $300. Full day (up to 8 hours) is $600.

Travel outside Calhoun County includes an additional mileage fee. The museum presents a variety of live animals that can be selected for educational programming. Contact the Education Director to discuss the best option based on the group’s interests, curriculum, and size.

Outreach is limited to a 60-mile radius of the museum and is subject to availability. To schedule a program, contact the Education Director amageducation@annistonal.gov at 256-237-6766 x 421.

A two-week notice is required for scheduling an outreach. Outreach is only available Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Aimee Grey
Education Director
256-237-6766 x 421