The collections staff at Anniston Museums and Gardens is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and integrity of our artifacts and specimens. Collections care requires constant vigilance. Collection spaces are required to maintain strict humidity and temperature controls. Consistency of controls are as important, as sudden changes in temperature or humidity may causes items to expand and contract, damaging artifacts. To avoid pests, no food or drink is allowed within the Collections Department or Exhibit Halls.

The Anniston Museum of Natural History’s collection holds several thousand plant species, hundreds of large mammal mounts, and dozens of insect collections. We house a Native American, African, and Egyptian anthropological collections alongside hundreds of preserved bird specimens. We also store thousands of fossils, seashells, and valuable gemstones.

The Berman Museum collection department houses thousands of artifacts, from antique and contemporary pieces of art, to military paraphernalia. Beautiful bronze sculptures rest alongside ancient Asian artwork.

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Education Director
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