All professional photo sessions must be scheduled in advance to avoid interfering with a wedding or other special event. Each session is $30 per hour and scheduled with the Program Manager. 

General Photography Guidelines 

Adherence to these guidelines is extremely important to maintain a positive experience for your client and our visitors.  

Please call ahead to discuss your photo shoot and schedule your session. Sessions start and end on the hour. Fees are $30 per one-hour session. A fee is required for each session. 

For your safety, please remain on the pathways and turf at all times. Do not climb trees, tall shrubs, or in garden beds  

Please be considerate of our other visitors and do not block pathways or garden areas. Camera tripods, lights, and other equipment should not block these areas. 

Photographs of the Anniston Museums and Gardens should not be used to imply endorsement by the Anniston Museums and Gardens.  

Your clients should come dressed for the photo sessions. If dressing rooms are needed, the Longleaf Botanical Gardens has a private dressing area available for a rental fee of $30 per hour. 

Anniston Museums and Gardens disclaims any responsibility for any personal or property damage or loss during the photographer’s visit. The renter is responsible for any damage to the facilities or premises caused by the photographer or user group.

Have you hosted your wedding or private event at the Anniston Museums and Gardens? We would love to see your photos and use them for marketing initiatives. If you would like to share your experience with us, please fill out and return the release forms below. If permitted, your images will be used in digital and print campaigns. Thank you!

William Graves
Program Manager 
256-237-6261 x 425