Introductions – Ashley Garcia

Name: Ashley Garcia
Title: Graphics & Marketing Coordinator
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications

  1. How did you learn about AM&G/What did you know about AM&G before employment? I grew up in the Anniston area, visiting the museum numerous times with family and school functions. During college I volunteered, assisting with social media and creating graphics. Prior to employment I knew that the museums were a wonderful place for learning and enrichment for anyone who might visit. From their animal ambassadors to the gardens and carefully curated exhibits, there was always something fun to learn.
  2. What are you looking forward to most about working here? I am looking forward to joining the team and creating eye-catching materials for exhibits, events, and guests alike.
  3. What is your #1 goal with your new position? I hope to bring more attention to this wonderful facility and help it to grow.
  4. Favorite animal and why? My favorite animal is the turtle. They’re cute, small creatures who always seem content with life.
  5. Favorite artifact and why? My favorite artifact is the Dog Model in the Arts of Asia Exhibit. There is something very charming about the statue that always makes me smile.
  6. Favorite plant and why? My favorite plant is an Echeveria, a type of succulent. They’re very cute and can be found in a variety of shapes and colors.
  7. What is your favorite exhibit? What makes that exhibit special to you? My favorite exhibit is Danger, Deception, and Disguise. I’ve always been fascinated with the mystery and intrigue surrounding espionage and spies, so an exhibit filled with information and artifacts pertaining to that topic is a delight.