Name: Meaghan Wright
Title: Educational Interpreter
Degree: History BA

Responsibilities: To take care of the Live Animal Building, create programs, and help our Education Director and other interpreters with developing our education department.

Q1: What did you know about Anniston Museums and Gardens prior to employment?
I knew quite a lot thanks to being a summer intern! From Lagarde to Pickles’ previous dietary habits and a lot in between! I also know of how awesome our team is 🙂

Q2: What are you looking forward to most about working here?
I look forward to creating programs about things I’m passionate about, and learning new things along the way. I am so excited to help our community learn more about historical events!

Q3: Favorite animal and why?
My favorite animal is Marley, our Asian Water Monitor ambassador. He’s a big goof and clumsy. Mr. Marley still scares me a bit, but with training I think we can be good friends.

Q4: What is your favorite exhibit and why?
My favorite exhibit is within Environments of Africa. I’m a huge Egyptian historian and have a lot of ideas for that exhibit.