Meet Lanardo

Anniston Museums and Gardens is happy to welcome Lanardo Talley to our staff as an Educational Interpreter. Get to know him better by checking out this Q&A.


Q1: What did you know about Anniston Museums and Gardens prior to employment? – Had an immense amount of knowledge beforehand solely because this museum played a huge role in my childhood.

Q2: What are you looking forward to most about working here? – Making connections with great people and gaining more knowledge.

Q3: Favorite animal and why? (doesn’t have to be one of ours) – Snickers(African Fat-Tailed Gecko) is definitely my favorite animal because he reminds me of myself and I would definitely purchase one to have as a pet.

Q4: What is your favorite exhibit at AMNH and/or Berman Museum and why? – My favorite exhibit is Africa in AMNH because the entire hall puts me in Africa through my cognizance and I love it.

Q5: What are your responsibilities at AM&G? – As an Educational Interpreter I feel as if my goal is to spread knowledge through every instinct I know-how as well as providing the necessary care to the animals on a day-to-day basis.