Species to Save in Local Cave

Gray bats are an endangered species that migrate exclusively to a local Calhoun County cave each summer. They are picky in their choice of caves, requiring a specific environment to roost. Gray bats travel in large groups to centralized areas. The mother bats only produce one pup, making them extremely sensitive to change.

In October 2021, conservation efforts were made for our resident gray bats. “Bat-friendly” gates were placed in Anniston’s Weaver Cave to prevent human entry, yet still allow for migration of the bats. Human use of Weaver Cave dates back to the Civil War era, and it has since been utilized as a local attraction. However, disturbances startle the bats and cause them to flee the cave or leave their young behind.

Although entry is not permitted to the Weaver cave, you can explore AMNH’s replica of Weaver Cave. The entrance of our cave exhibit is a cast of that cave. View stalagmites, stalactites, a cave spring, and see if you can spot all 27 critters scattered throughout the cave.

Want fewer bugs? Save the bats! Gray bats feed on flying insects. So, an increase in the gray bat population could decrease flying insects in the area.

Learn more about the conservational efforts of gray bats in Weaver Cave at outdooralabama.com