Diva Dahlia: Cultivating the Queen of Flowers with Care & Precision

Join the Longleaf Botanical Gardens this June to learn about the diva-like plant, the dahlia. 

Dahlias are not just flowers; they are unique divas that demand attention. Known for their stunning blooms, they can be finicky if neglected. To ensure their thriving growth, they require special care in planting and watering. In this Third Thursday program, Master Gardener Betty Clark will unveil the secrets to growing these beautiful and healthy divas.

Betty Clark, a renowned organic gardener since 1988, is a contributing writer for The Calhoun Journal. Her diverse garden setup, including a straw bale garden, a raised bed garden, and an in-ground garden, is a testament to her expertise. With a passion for gardening that spans 8 generations, her knowledge and experience are unparalleled. Beyond gardening, her interests span from ancestry research to antiques, continued education classes, and workshops. Her background in marketing and promotions, including expos, adds to her comprehensive knowledge in the field.

Third Thursday programs are $5/person and free for AM&G Members. To secure your spot and ensure you don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity, pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

The Calhoun Journal






Jun 20 2024


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Longleaf Event Center

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