Exploring the Natural World Homeschool Class Series

Annual registration Open                 August 1 -14 ($64/AM&G member; $80/non-member)

1st semester registration Open          August 15-21 ($40/AM&G member; $48/non-member)

A La Carte registration Open           August 22 for 1st semester classes only ($15 per class/AM&G members; $18 per class/non-members)

 Each month students will explore their world utilizing different exhibit halls of the Anniston Museum of Natural History. Science will be the primary focus with geography and history added in when applicable. Artifacts, hands-on experiments, and activities will be part of each class with an emphasis on working in groups and recording data.

1st Friday of each month (September-December and February-May)

2 classes offered: Ages 5-8 and ages 9-13*


*The upper class (ages 9-13) activities requires upper elementary writing skills.

 Pre-registration is required by calling 256-237-6766 or online via www.ExploreAMAG.org. Yearly registration will open first, followed by semester registration, and finally A La Carte classes. Class fee due at time of registration.

Tickets for ages 5-8 https://7536.blackbaudhosting.com/7536/Homeschool-Class-1st-Semester-Ages-5-8

Tickets for ages 9-13 https://7536.blackbaudhosting.com/7536/Homeschool-Class-Series-1st-Semester-Ages-9-13

Tickets A La Carte https://7536.blackbaudhosting.com/7536/Homeschool-Class-Series-a-La-Carte

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